Our growth equity platform focuses on identifying company-specific growth inflection points and capitalizing on how stocks trade during these growth periods. This is the foundation of the Driehaus growth equity investment approach, which was established more than 30 years ago.

Driehaus Growth Equity Strategy
Inception Date

Investment Approach /
Investment Universe

Micro Cap Growth

Earnings growth momentum /
Micro cap U.S. equity

Small Cap Growth

Earnings growth momentum /
Small cap U.S. equity

Small/Mid Cap Growth

Earnings growth momentum /
Small / mid cap U.S. equity

International (ex-U.S.) Small Cap Growth

Earnings growth momentum /
Small cap ex-U.S. equity

Emerging Markets Growth

Earnings growth momentum /
All cap global EM equity

Frontier Markets

Earnings growth momentum /
All cap frontier markets equity

Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth

Earnings growth momentum /
Small cap EM equity


Common Objectives & Characteristics

  • Long-term alpha generation objectives
  • Unconstrained, benchmark aware strategies with high active share
  • Diversification benefits via exposure to medium-term momentum and expected earnings growth
  • Nimble strategies capitalizing rapidly on new information in the marketplace
  • Well resourced and risk-managed investment process