For those clients for whom Driehaus Capital Management LLC (“DCM”) has undertaken to vote proxies, DCM retains the final authority and responsibility for such voting. On behalf of our valued clients, DCM (i) provides the client with this written summary of its proxy voting policy and the complete proxy voting policy upon request; (ii) discloses to the client how to obtain voting information; (iii) applies the proxy voting policy consistently; (iv) documents the reasons for voting; (v) maintains records of voting activities for clients and regulating authorities; and (vi) votes securities based on a pre-determined voting policy, based on the recommendations of an independent third-party to avoid conflicts of interest with DCM.

In order to facilitate this proxy voting process, DCM has retained Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (“ISS”) to provide in-depth proxy research, vote recommendations and execution, and the record keeping necessary for the appropriate management of a client account. ISS is an investment adviser that specializes in providing a variety of fiduciary-level services related to proxy voting. DCM has ascertained that ISS has the capacity and competency to analyze proxy issues, make vote recommendations in an impartial manner and in the best interests of DCM’s clients. The default choice used by DCM for ISS recommendations is the ISS U.S. Policy for its domestic client accounts and the applicable international policy for its international client accounts. Clients may choose another policy, such as the ISS Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Policy, as appropriate. In addition to analyses, ISS delivers to DCM voting reports that reflect voting activities for DCM’s clients, enabling the clients to monitor voting activitiesperformed by DCM.

DCM’s proxy voting policy sets forth the general voting guidelines that ISS follows on various types of issues when there are no company-specific reasons for voting to the contrary. In making the proxy voting decision, there are two overriding considerations: first, the economic impact of the proposal; and second, the best interest impact of a proposal if it were to pass or not pass, as the case may be. ISS performs company-by-company analysis, which means that all votes are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and no issues are considered routine. Each issue is considered in the context of the company under review. DCM generally follows ISS’s recommendations and does not use its discretion in the proxy voting decision. For this reason, client proxies are voted in the clients’ best interests, in accordance with a predetermined policy based upon recommendations of an independent third party, and are not affected by any potential or actual conflict of interest of DCM. In addition, DCM annually, and more frequently if necessary, reviews ISS’s policies and procedures regarding any potential conflicts of interest when making vote recommendations to determine if ISS is acting impartially.

Clients who are interested in obtaining information from DCM on how their securities were voted may contact the Relationship Management Department at 1-800-688-8819. In addition, the Relationship Management Department mails to each client an annual record of all proxies voted on behalf of that client. Clients may also contact the Relationship Management Department if they wish to receive a copy of DCM’s complete proxy voting policy.