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Driehaus Capital Management LLC is looking to add an Analyst with 1-3 years of Life Sciences sector experience to their Life Sciences strategy.

Firm Overview

Driehaus Capital Management LLC is a privately-held, independent investment adviser with more than $9 billion in assets under management, that provides discretionary advisory services to its institutionally-focused investor base. The firm manages domestic, global, ex-U.S. and dedicated emerging market equity strategies as well as long/short credit investment strategies.

Life Sciences Strategy Overview

We invest in public and private life sciences companies, focusing on preclinical/clinical stage biotech companies and early-growth stage device, diagnostic and tools companies. We believe the only durable value that gets created in these industries comes from products that reach the market and have the potential to changes peoples' lives. Because of that, our process and philosophy is oriented toward finding those opportunities.

We are building the premier life sciences investment institution in Chicago. We intend to be at the forefront of the life sciences investment industry, rivaling our peers on the coasts, as the industries move into the next phase of their evolution.


The analyst we hire will grow to be a major contributor in an organization with the capabilities, access, and security of an established, multi-billion dollar fund, but the agility and opportunity for growth of a post-proof-of-concept start-up.

Position Description

The Life Sciences Analyst will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the portfolio managers in executing the following tasks:

  • New idea screening across the universe of public and private life science companies (n=~1000 companies), deploying pattern-recognition and our probability-of-success based framework.
  • Fundamental diligence that will require the collection, analysis, and succinct synthesis of data covering multiple domains that include, but are not limited to, industry, strategy, preclinical and clinical research, competitive landscape, regulatory precedent, and market access.
  • Deal screening and execution across the 50+ annual life science IPOs / 200+ annual life science follow-on financings.


  • Bachelor’s degree. An advanced degree in the science field is preferred but is not required.
  • Prior experience working in the biopharmaceuticals industry, medical industry, and/or experience in working in a private or public investment firm is a plus.

Our Ideal Candidate is a Mix of the Following:

  • A Renaissance Person with demonstrated talents and interests across multiple domains (including but not limited to life sciences).
  • A Reductionist able to deconstruct complex information into fundamental constituents to guide investment recommendations.
  • An Open-Minded, Critical Thinker able to hold strong opinions, but nimble enough to flip them when convincing contradictory data become available.
  • An Entrepreneur able to drink from a fire hose, solve problems, actively manage competing priorities, and do what it takes to push the strategy forward.
  • A Team Player capable of carrying the team at times, but also willing to carry water for the team.


If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, please send your resume and responses to the questions that follow to Please note that resumes without responses to these questions will not be considered.

  • Please tell us why you fit what we're looking for.
  • Please describe why you think researching investment opportunities in the life sciences is a good way to spend 10-12 hours a day.
  • Historically, 9 out of 10 drugs that enter human studies fail to reach the market. What would you do to identify products that you think have a better than 10% probability of success?
  • Tell us about a time or two that you have been certain about something and were proven wrong.
  • (optional) Write a haiku about biotech, investing or both (just so you know, we love these).

Apply Now: Submit a Resume and Responses to