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Christina Algozine
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A Little Background

What brought you to Driehaus?

After graduating law school in 2011 I joined a law firm specializing in workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation. After a few years I decided to pursue a blossoming interest in the world of finance and transactional law. I took an in-house role at a global fixed income asset manager in 2013. In January 2019 I was recruited away by Driehaus by the promise of more responsibility and a more dynamic workload. Serendipitously, a coworker at my previous employer had worked at DCM years before and gave a glowing recommendation of their time at the firm, which provided me with even more reassurance that this was the right fit.

Tell us about your role:

My title is Senior Attorney. Generally, the legal department is responsible for interpreting and communicating guardrails within which the firm must operate when developing new products, new vehicles for existing products, offering, transacting, operating, etc. What does that functionally mean? The limit does not exist, but daily activities include contract negotiation for services and products, drafting, reviewing and interpreting documents and disclosure and responding to the needs of the business as they arise.

I am also a founding member of the firm’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee. About a month after I joined DCM, the firm made the decision to memorialize a position on responsible investing and I offered to help jumpstart the project and document the policy. One of the things I love most about working at Driehaus is the collaborative work environment and the opportunity for employees to be involved on the ground floor with new product ideas and firm initiatives as they arise.

Let's talk finance

What advice would you give to people in this role or people wanting to pursue this role?

The financial services industry can be very daunting to try to break into as a lawyer. Predominantly the rules are principles-based, fact specific and rarely straightforward, and the best answer to many questions of interpretation is simply, “it depends.” I think perfecting the art of common sense is one of the most important, and often overlooked, tools in a lawyer’s toolbox.

What is your greatest piece of advice from your time in the industry?

When I’m struggling to wrap my mind around a legal issue or to find the words with which to respond to an email, it is so very beneficial to simply take a quick break. Stretch, grab a coffee, take a quick walk. I can think of no better accessory than a fresh set of eyes.

How has your role changed/evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Communication channels changed a lot. Before the pandemic, I didn’t know what Microsoft Teams was and now I don’t go a day (or an hour) without using it.

During the pandemic personally, so much happened! I got married, bought a house, went on a honeymoon where I hiked the highest 14er in the Rockies and my cat, Caroline, grew very attached to me.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

“I read the fine print, so you don’t have to.” Also, to many of my Facebook friends who reach out from time to time: “I am a lawyer, but I cannot help you with your child custody matter.”
They typically don’t have any follow-up questions after that!

What about Driehaus

What would you say is most unique about Driehaus?

The congeniality and knowing everyone by face and name, which is rare in this industry. I also think having female leaders and role models is so impactful. We are fortunate to have several women on our executive team, a few even lead my department.

What is your favorite memory at Driehaus?

How could I possibly not mention my first and only summer party! I was fortunate enough to attend the last ever summer party in honor of Richard’s 77th birthday. I remember pulling up in the bus to a girl hanging from a hula-hoop, pouring champagne into somebody’s glass. It surpassed all expectations!

One other memory that deserves recognition is when a coworker that is widely respected throughout the firm won the inaugural Richard H. Driehaus Award at the holiday party this year and received a standing ovation. It was a special moment and a reminder that at DCM, when people are good and do good work, they get recognized!

Christina after work

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy hiking, hanging out in the back yard with my better half, baking bread and reading!

I picked up baking during the pandemic – pastries, buns, pizzas, you name it! I think it was a way to be in control in a time where there wasn’t any control. I even started an Instagram account to show off my processes and of course, the finished products!

If money and time were of no consequence, what would you do?

I’d be a professional book reviewer or bread influencer. I am a chronic multitasker, so I’d probably find a way to make a very complicated job out of several simple tasks.

One of my favorite books I have read recently is A Gentlemen in Moscow. I’ve also enjoyed reading Empire of Pain and Hamilton!

Christina Algozine

Senior Attorney

Began at Driehaus: 2019

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